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Emotions of a Stressed-out Housewife

This season has been stressful. I aint gonna lie.

As I previously posted, we started a HUGE addition on our home this summer. To say that it has been challenging would be an understatement. We have gone through so many emotions. Excited. Overwhelmed. Hopeful. Exhausted. Contemplative. Excited. And everything in between.

I think most seasons of life have these vast array of emotions. Not to say that these are necessarily a bad thing, but they can be daunting, nonetheless. However, I have learned as of late that these emotions can be good for you. Stretching. If you learn to “ARREST” them.

You see, I have often prided myself on not letting emotions dictate my reality. I have thought of this as a sort of strength. A “super-power”. But, When I sit back and look at all of the situations where I have allowed myself to push my emotions down, or disregard how I feel about something, inevitably, anger follows. At least eventually.

Perhaps it is all in how you look at it. I recently had a nice conversation with someone I love about the mind. How the mind has such a power over your heart. How when you focus on any one thing for too long, you become that thought. Although I fought that thought-process for a little while, I ultimately understood it. It’s true. What you think about, makes you who you are. How you feel. How you act.

I began to analyze where I was in my mind. I began to look at the thought processes that took hold of my thoughts and emotions. How I was letting my emotions (however pushed down I may place them in my heart), were actually dictating how I acted to everyone around me. How the lack of control on my mind was actually destroying my joy. Annihilating my ability to see the beauty in this season of my life. the beauty that God was TRYING to show me. I realized that I was too distracted with myself. That I had begun looking at all of MY “woes” and troubles, and it made me negative, frustrated and…stressed out. In the end, it brought me to a place of prayer, repentance, and ultimately…peace.

Peace. In the midst of chaos.

“For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as in the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” 2 Corinthians 10:3-6

The Word of God is so powerful. It so often hits home for me, and usually gets me out of the “rut” of self-doubt and personal struggles.

I believe when we “take every thought captive”, we can be liberated from our negative thinking and stress. We can take those thoughts of, “Everything is stressing me out”, or ” my kids are driving me nuts”, or “I can’t do one more day of dishes, laundry or cleaning”, and arrest it. We can literally say in our minds, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,” and therefore…ARREST it.

You see, we can CHANGE our thinking. We can “arrest” those thoughts and send them packing!

Please don’t get me wrong…I struggle with this. I really do. I struggle every day to be obedient to Christ. My selfish side is strong, and I have to literally be constantly giving my mind over to God. My thoughts of frustration, anger, pride.

Being a housewife is no joke. Believe me, I could do anything I want with my life, but God has called me to be a stay-at-home mom. It is by far the hardest job I have had, or ever will have. But I tell you what…it requires a daily “pick up your cross” mentality. It requires constant service. Although I feel it is almost “un-natural” for me…I have decided in my mind (where it all starts), to do it to the best of my ability. To serve my husband and my kids with my best.

Do I fail often? Yes. Do I want to give up sometimes? Yes. Do I feel inadequate most of the time? Heck yes. But, with God on my side, and the ability to “cast my burdens on Christ”…I can, and I will do it!

So, with all that said, I pray that even one person can be encouraged to keep going. To continue to take every “stressed-out” thought or emotion and ARREST it. Send it packing through God’s strength. Because, it starts in our minds.

God Bless!


Sweets and Treats

Z’s Lemon Cream Cheesecake

Sugar-free, THM-S, Keto

Like a Drink of Lemonade

This cheesecake is divine! So refreshing and yummy, like a summer afternoon drink of lemonade!  to be honest, I am not much of a lemon fan. I usually pass up lemony desserts. I actually made this for my husband because I had a bunch of extra lemons.

You see, I had done the Master Cleanse, and ended up stopping a day early. So needless to say, I had a ton of extra lemons to use up. I hate to waste food, so I ended up thinking, “I should make something for my husband!”. This is the recipe that came to mind!

I have to admit that I really didn’t think I would like it, but I tried it always. Boy am I glad I did! It seriously is one of the most refreshing desserts I have ever had!

It is delicious!!!

I am so glad that I tried it! I am learning that you always have to at least try things! You may have written foods off when you were younger, like I have, but you never know if your taste buds have changed! Mine have for sure!

Easy as Pie!

This recipe cannot get any easier! I made it in my Vitamix! I seriously cannot say enough about how easy it is to make things when you have a good blender!

Yes please!

I just added the whipping cream and whipped it up (seriously in a matter of 5 seconds!), and then added my cream cheese, sweetners and vanilla’s to it, and blended! It seriously only took a minute!

I say “vanilla’s” because I added in a “secret ingredient”, that in my opinion, made this amazing!

Any of ya’ll ever heard of the Vanilla Creme stevia drops? If you haven’t used this before, it will change your world! Such a creamy vanilla taste, with none of the aftertaste that I have come to hate about stevia! I even love to add a couple drops to my coffee in the mornings!

You can buy them here (click link above). If you click the link above, I will get a tiny commission. Thanks!

This is a little slice of heaven right here!

I originally wanted to make a pie, but it turned out so simple, creamy and delicious that I felt it would be wrong to try to make it anything but this yummy and refreshing cheesecake! Maybe one of these days I will make this cheesecake into a pie too! We’ll see. 😉

The Recipe

This was such an easy cheesecake to make! If you ever want a pretty and decadent dessert that makes you look like a genius dessert maker, but takes all of 20 minutes total to make…this here is your ticket!

You can even dress it up with some whipped cream, more lemon slices or just eat it plain! It’s so easy…why not?!?!?

Hope y’all enjoy it as much as my family and I did!

God Bless!


Z’s Lemon Cream Cheesecake

Sugar-Free, THM-S, Keto. A super easy decadent dessert! Refreshing and delicious!

10 minPrep Time

3 hr, 12 Cook Time

3 hr, 22 Total Time

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Recipe Image


  • "!For the crust:"
  • In medium bowl add:
  • 2 cups almond four (I used finely sifted)
  • 2 tbs brown sugar substitute
  • 1 tbs Super Sweet blend
  • 1/8 flax meal
  • 1 stick melted butter
  • "!For the Filling:"
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 8oz bricks of cream cheese
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla cream stevia drops
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • Juice of 3 fresh lemons (I just cut mine in half and squeezed into the blender with the other ingredients)
  • 2 tbs Super Sweet blend
  • 3/4 cup Gentle Sweet


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In Medium bowl, mix all the ingredients for the crust (I use my hands, but you can use a spoon or spatula).
  3. Place in greased (I used Pam Baking Spray) Springform pan.
  4. Press down with your hands until spread out evenly and firm.
  5. Bake for 12 minutes or until edges are golden brown.
  6. Let cool completely.
  7. "!For the Filling:"
  8. Whip the heavy whipping cream first, in your high speed blender (or a stand mixer).
  9. Add in the softened cream cheese and remaining ingredients.
  10. Blend or mix until smooth.
  11. Spread mixture evenly over the cooled crust.
  12. Place in freezer for 3 hours or until firm.
  13. Garnish with sliced lemons or whipped cream. Or leave plain!
  14. Enjoy!


The longest part about this baking process is the waiting for it to firm up in the freezer! It is so easy to make!


Hands-on Housewife

How to Organize your Home


We all want that clean, organized and perfect house, right? The one where everything is perfectly in place. The one where every corner of the house is perfectly clean. No food in the carpet, no fingerprints all over the windows, no stepping on toys everywhere you walk. And, maybe even fresh bread on the kitchen counter-that is also perfectly clean. Am I right, or am I right???

Welp, if you have kids….THAT AIN’T HAPPENIN’ GIRL!

Reality is a bit more….messy.

Here’s my kitchen reality (at least when I am baking).

Baking away!

Here’s my den reality (when we are doing school).

Typical homeschool day.

Here’s my kitchen sink reality (almost every minute of the day).

Dishes…My mortal enemy.

As moms, we can make ourselves super stressed over the running of the house. We can look at other moms and say, “oh man, she has her crap together!”

Although it may seem that way sometimes, that is not always true. We need to try our best to keep a clean and managed household, yes, but if that pursuit is not in-line with our priorities, then what’s the point?

Home Work

Home-work. Or, as you might call it…house work.

I have been asked how I make my home work so well while doing so much stuff (leading worship, having a side job, homeschooling, managing a worship ministry etc).

To be honest, I don’t have it all together. Not even close. But, I do have a couple tips that work very well for me and my busy home life.


First off, if you are a busy mom…that means that you have children. Am I right?

If you have children and are doing everything for them…that is your first mistake.

helping momma
My kids helping stack tables and chairs for a BBQ.

Children are so much more capable than you think. Children need to have chores. There, I said it! Don’t slap me :-/.

We tell our children that every person in a family has a job to do to help the family work efficiently. They totally get it now, but it took a lot of consistency at first. My children are such blessings, and they tend to be very helpful…so I lucked out there.


I know a lot of moms who do all the laundry, all the dishes, clean their kids rooms, make their kids beds, etc. Hey…if that makes you happy and that’s how you do it….all power to ya!

But, that is NOT how I do it. And I believe that it is beneficial for kids to learn responsibility and work

My 6 year old helping to cook.

ethic. But, hey…that’s just MY opinion.






With that being said, I do have a few tips that work well for our home, and these tips also keep me sane in the process…

 1. Plan one day a week to “deep clean”.

Every Monday, I choose to “deep clean” my house. Not the whole thing, just usually the main living areas. What I mean by “deep clean” is that I usually move the furniture around and vacuum, dust and clean under and around everything. As for the kitchen, that is also the day that I make sure to clean the stove, microwave and counters well. Mondays are also usually the days I do the main bulk of laundry (towels, sheets and misc), because it is easy to throw a load in while you are cleaning. I love accomplishing “Two birds with one stone”.

We live on over 6 acres of land, and it is full of dirt (obviously). I swear that dirt gets into every nook and cranny! So, for me, it is important to be able to deep clean, once a week.

If you have a large home, you may need to plan two days a week for deep cleaning.

2. Plan one day a week for Laundry.

I like to plan a specific day (Tuesdays), for cleaning my husbands and my laundry. That way, I know that it will be done at least once a week.

Of course, there are things that come up and also “dirtier weeks” where I will need to do more laundry. But, setting a day for just our laundry really helps.

3. Plan a day for when you meal plan and grocery shop.

Tuesdays are also my meal planning, coupon, grocery list and shopping day. So, technically, I start the kids on homeschool, and then I sit down with my handy dandy meal plan schedule and laptop. I usually look at whats on sale and then plan my menu according to the sales. That really helps me save a lot of money.

After school, I usually go shopping and do any errands that I may have. I try not to just go “into town” for one thing. Clumping errands together is another way that I save money, not to mention the gas money I save.

4. Assign laundry and dish washing days to your kids.

My two older boys know how to do their own laundry. YES, IT IS TRUE! between the ages of 5-6, I train my kids how to operate the washing machine and how to do their own laundry. I also show them how to fold and organize their clothes.

Having them be able to do their own laundry has saved me sooooooooooo much time! Also, when they run out of clean clothes, they learn that having responsibilities are very important, and it affects them. They learn that, “some fairy does not come and do everything for them”. LOL.

I also have the older boys do dishes about 4 times a week, after dinners. As they  begin to have better “hand/eye coordination”, they will be doing dishes after every meal…eventually. YAY!

I also have my two oldest make lunches, most of the school days. That gives them the ability to learn how to make their own food. And, it gives me a little “breather” from making every dang meal!

5. Don’t kill yourself over homeschool.

Taking a “school break” and snuggling.

What I mean by that is, you don’t have to do school every single day, for 6 hours at a time! I plan 4 days a week to do school with the kids. 9am-12:00pm.

I used to try to do 5-6 days and that just DON’T WORK FOR THIS MAMA!

I have learned that 4 days is more enough to finish our weekly homeschool obligations. We do Monday-Thursdays. That way, when daddy has the weekend off, we can spend quality family time with each other.

We start usually at 9 am. That way, it gives me time to get up and do my bible reading, workout and shower. We also try get done by 12:00pm every day. Notice how I said “try”. Not every day runs perfect, but typically, we get done around 12pm and then gives the kids the rest of the afternoon to play and use their imagination.

I have learned that it is OK for kids to not being doing school ALL DAY LONG. Not only would I lose my ever-loving-mind, but they probably would too! I can’t believe how long kids are in public school for every single day of the week! (that’s another subject for another day).

6. Take a “Day Off”.

I choose Sundays for my day off. You might ask…”what do you mean by day off? We are moms, we don’t days off!” Although that is true, I try to have a day where I don’t clean or cook anything. No dishes, no laundry and no cooking.

Doesn’t that sound nice? You see, I typically plan enough meals and dinners, where there are always leftovers on the weekends. That way, on Sundays, we have a lazy family afternoon (after church) where we just hang out. No expectations. No work.

This weekly “day off” really does keep me sane. They really do help me a lot in a typical crazy busy week!

Also, just a little “tidbit”…take an actual “DAY OFF”. If it is at all possible, take a day for yourself every now and again. I like to do a trip “down the hill” ALONE every few weeks. It really helps me get a rest from all of the mundane house chores, homeschool, feeding children, dishes and laundry. If you are an “extroverted introvert”-which I am, these kinds of days refresh me so well! If you are an “extrovert”, then maybe plan a day away with your girlfriends where you go have lunch and maybe get your nails done. These kind of days are so beneficial to us moms!

My favorite person.

Also, date nights with your husband is very important. My husband and I haven’t been on a date in a couple of months, because of crazy schedules…but because it is important to us….we will try to plan one soon. If you can get a date night with your husband every couple of weeks, or once a month-it is so important. Of course, if you are in a busy season of life, as I am, then you really have to be intentional about making date nights a priority.

I would say, that date nights are the most important thing (besides spending time in the Word and in prayer) to a busy mom life.

I have learned that if you are not keeping your mind, body and soul healthy, then none of that clean and organized house matters!

I encourage you to sit down with your husband (maybe on a date night ;)), and discuss what your family priorities are. And then start implementing things that will help to alleviate some of your stress.

Hey, managing a household isn’t for the weak! It’s tough work! But, I believe we can do it mamas, and we can do it well!

I hope that this post was helpful!

God bless!