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Z’s Lemon Cream Cheesecake

Sugar-free, THM-S, Keto

Like a Drink of Lemonade

This cheesecake is divine! So refreshing and yummy, like a summer afternoon drink of lemonade!  to be honest, I am not much of a lemon fan. I usually pass up lemony desserts. I actually made this for my husband because I had a bunch of extra lemons.

You see, I had done the Master Cleanse, and ended up stopping a day early. So needless to say, I had a ton of extra lemons to use up. I hate to waste food, so I ended up thinking, “I should make something for my husband!”. This is the recipe that came to mind!

I have to admit that I really didn’t think I would like it, but I tried it always. Boy am I glad I did! It seriously is one of the most refreshing desserts I have ever had!

It is delicious!!!

I am so glad that I tried it! I am learning that you always have to at least try things! You may have written foods off when you were younger, like I have, but you never know if your taste buds have changed! Mine have for sure!

Easy as Pie!

This recipe cannot get any easier! I made it in my Vitamix! I seriously cannot say enough about how easy it is to make things when you have a good blender!

Yes please!

I just added the whipping cream and whipped it up (seriously in a matter of 5 seconds!), and then added my cream cheese, sweetners and vanilla’s to it, and blended! It seriously only took a minute!

I say “vanilla’s” because I added in a “secret ingredient”, that in my opinion, made this amazing!

Any of ya’ll ever heard of the Vanilla Creme stevia drops? If you haven’t used this before, it will change your world! Such a creamy vanilla taste, with none of the aftertaste that I have come to hate about stevia! I even love to add a couple drops to my coffee in the mornings!

You can buy them here (click link above). If you click the link above, I will get a tiny commission. Thanks!

This is a little slice of heaven right here!

I originally wanted to make a pie, but it turned out so simple, creamy and delicious that I felt it would be wrong to try to make it anything but this yummy and refreshing cheesecake! Maybe one of these days I will make this cheesecake into a pie too! We’ll see. 😉

The Recipe

This was such an easy cheesecake to make! If you ever want a pretty and decadent dessert that makes you look like a genius dessert maker, but takes all of 20 minutes total to make…this here is your ticket!

You can even dress it up with some whipped cream, more lemon slices or just eat it plain! It’s so easy…why not?!?!?

Hope y’all enjoy it as much as my family and I did!

God Bless!


Z’s Lemon Cream Cheesecake

Sugar-Free, THM-S, Keto. A super easy decadent dessert! Refreshing and delicious!

10 minPrep Time

3 hr, 12 Cook Time

3 hr, 22 Total Time

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  • "!For the crust:"
  • In medium bowl add:
  • 2 cups almond four (I used finely sifted)
  • 2 tbs brown sugar substitute
  • 1 tbs Super Sweet blend
  • 1/8 flax meal
  • 1 stick melted butter
  • "!For the Filling:"
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 2 8oz bricks of cream cheese
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla cream stevia drops
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • Juice of 3 fresh lemons (I just cut mine in half and squeezed into the blender with the other ingredients)
  • 2 tbs Super Sweet blend
  • 3/4 cup Gentle Sweet


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In Medium bowl, mix all the ingredients for the crust (I use my hands, but you can use a spoon or spatula).
  3. Place in greased (I used Pam Baking Spray) Springform pan.
  4. Press down with your hands until spread out evenly and firm.
  5. Bake for 12 minutes or until edges are golden brown.
  6. Let cool completely.
  7. "!For the Filling:"
  8. Whip the heavy whipping cream first, in your high speed blender (or a stand mixer).
  9. Add in the softened cream cheese and remaining ingredients.
  10. Blend or mix until smooth.
  11. Spread mixture evenly over the cooled crust.
  12. Place in freezer for 3 hours or until firm.
  13. Garnish with sliced lemons or whipped cream. Or leave plain!
  14. Enjoy!


The longest part about this baking process is the waiting for it to firm up in the freezer! It is so easy to make!


Grandma Josie's Kitchen


This recipe is one of my dad’s favorite desserts! My grandma Josie used to make it for him all the time! Even when my dad left home to go into the Navy back in the early 60’s, he would come home to visit and she would whip up a pot of it for him!

You might be thinking, “what the heck is Panocha?”. That is a perfectly normal reaction when people hear about this dish. Heck, when I first heard about it being my dad’s favorite, I said the same thing!


Panocha is a traditional Native American dish that came from my ancestors centuries ago. Panocha, in New Mexico and southern Colorado, is a pudding made from ground sprouted wheat and piloncillo (sugar). It is traditionally eaten during Lent. The sprouted-wheat flour is called “panocha flour” or simply “panocha”, as well.

Main ingredients: Ground sprouted wheat flour, piloncillo (sugar), and butter.
Region or state: New Mexico and southern Colorado

My Grandma passed this recipe down to my aunts, and now it has been passed down to me!


Although I usually try to bake and cook in a healthy and mostly THM (trim healthy mama) way, there are just some recipes (especially traditional family recipes) that just shouldn’t be changed! This is one of them.

(Don’t get me wrong, I will probably try to THMify this eventually, just so I can eat it all the time! It’s that good!).

Traditionally, this recipe is more of a pudding consistency, but ours came out a little thick…which I actually liked. My Aunt Naomi taught me how to make this last week, and it was so much fun seeing the process. It is a little time consuming, but it is so cool to be able to make something that my ancestors from centuries ago actually made all the time. There is just something cool about thinking of how Native Americans from so long ago used to go about making this, without modern kitchen tools.

The Process

First, you need to get a large bowl and sift the flour. We used a mix of whole wheat flour and sprouted whole wheat flour. If you go to a Mexican market, they will probably have panocha flour (which is basically just sprouted whole wheat flour).

Sift the two flours together.

Boil a kettle full of water (about 4 1/2 cups).

Meanwhile, brown the sugar (we used regular dark brown sugar and white sugar) in a large pan. It’s a delicate process because you don’t want to burn it. Make sure to keep mixing! The “browning” of the sugar gives it that unique taste.

making panocha

Be sure to continue mixing the sugars until it caramelizes. Add some of the boiling water (about 2 cups) to the sugar mix and turn down heat to low. Cover and let sit on low for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, add the rest of the boiling water (about 2 1/2 cups) to the flour mix. Stir until well dissolved. Add the flour mix to the sugar mix and stir until well mixed. Add the butter and mix until fully melted.

After everything is mixed together well, our mixture into buttered baking dish (that has a lid). Place in oven and bake 300 degrees for about 3 hours, stirring every 45 minutes to an hour.

Serve warm with a dollop of whipped cream or milk.

Note: Contemporary additions to panocha include a teaspoon or so of cinnamon and or vanilla. A tablespoon or two of butter gives extra richness. Any of these additions should be made at the conclusion of the panocha’s cooking time on the stove, just prior to baking.

This dessert/breakfast is so rich in history and is chock full of flavor! I love the creaminess of this dish, and my kids especially loved eating it. It is a hearty and delicious dessert/breakfast; perfect for growing kids!

I hope that when I make this dish, my grandma Josie will be looking down from heaven smiling at me.

Love you Grandma Josie!

God Bless!


Yields 15-20 servings

Grandma Josie’s Panocha

A rich and decadent dessert or breakfast! A traditional Native American dish.

15 minPrep Time

3 hrCook Time

3 hr, 15 Total Time

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  • 2 1/2 cups sprouted whole wheat flour
  • 1 1/4 cups whole wheat flour
  • 4 1/2 cups water
  • 1 stick butter (1/2 cup)
  • 1/2 cup dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • Optional: Cream, whipped cream, cinnamon or butter for toppings.


  1. In large bowl: Sift the two flours together, making sure to get any chunks of flour out.
  2. Turn stove on to medium/high heat.
  3. On stove in Medium pan or dutch oven, Brown the sugar.
  4. Add in boiling water (2 cups). Mix well until dissolved, and then turn stove down to low.
  5. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes.
  6. Add the rest of boiling water to the flours, mix well.
  7. Add flour and water mixture to the sugar mixture.
  8. Mix all well until well mixed.
  9. Add to buttered baking dish.
  10. Cover and bake for 3 hours.
  11. Mix every 45 minutes or 1 hour.
  12. Once baked, should have a thick pudding consistency.
  13. Seve warm with optional toppings.
  14. Enjoy!



Z's Book Reviews

The Hidden Enemy by Michael Youssef

Aggressive secularism, radical islam, and the fight for our future.

A book review, by Zaneta Francis.

Reality Check

This book has been an eye opener and a reality check for me personally. So often, I get into the “daily grind” of life, and stick my “head in the sand” when it comes to knowing what is going on in our world. It is easy to become complacent. It is easy to say to yourself, “I just don’t want to watch the news because it is too depressing”.

Although I am inclined to agree with that thought process, and occasionally catch myself thinking that way, I do believe that as christians it is our duty to stay informed and speak Truth. There is too much going on in our world right now that goes extremely against the Word of God. There is so much “wrong” being declared “right.” It is time for us to stand for Truth. To stand for what is right.

In this book, Micheal talks about how fundamental secularism and radical Islam is infiltrating our society. How it has been “rearing it’s ugly head” lately, but in fact has been in the background for decades. Only current events have made this issue stand out.

“[Secular fundamentalists]…They are so utterly convinced of the rightness of their rationalism and atheism that they cannot tolerate religion in any form and cannot allow religious parents to teach their faith to their children. They ridicule, mock and satirize the idea of God, and they have no empathy whatsoever for the people they have scorned and persecuted. They feel justified and self-righteous.”

Secular Fundamentalist, unfortunately, are the ones being voted into office and are having influence over the laws being passed, the tone being set and the overall morality of our culture. This is the reality that is our culture. This is the reality of our government (in a lot of cases).

The Great American Delusion


“If the founding fathers could visit America today, they wouldn’t recognize the nation they established. Where is the industrious, liberty-loving nation for which they risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor? It has largely become a place where antisocial behavior is rewarded, where industriousness is penalized, and where our First Amendment freedoms are giving way to political correctness.”

This was my favorite paragraph of the whole book!

The issues that plague our tv screens and social media are a disgrace to our founding fathers! Same-sex marriage, LGBT “rights”, political correctness, and the like are not only moral issues, but are the core of so many idealogical and moral declinations. Our nation was founded on the fear of God. It was founded with the vision of “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Where is the life, liberty and happiness? Where is the fear of God?


I don’t want to give too much of this book away, so I will let you read it! It really is a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Micheal Youssef has a way of bringing up current events and exposing Truth, while keeping an encouraging tone throughout the book. He is a gifted author and a well researched journalist.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the current state of our culture, government and events. Micheal encourages christians to stay informed, to get involved and to stand for Truth. He also encourages us to pray for our world.

I hope you get a chance to buy this book and read it! Here is a link to buy it. If you buy it from here, I get a tiny commission :). Thanks!

God Bless!



Grandma Josie's Kitchen

My Grandma Josie

I am beyond proud to add this page of authentic and traditional family recipes to my blog! These recipes and stories have been passed down from my grandma Josie!

Grandma Josie’s Kitchen will be a place where amazing and delicious recipes, stories of my ancestors, dishes of all sorts and  wonderful pictures will shared! My grandma’s recipes will be forever memorialized here!


grandma Josie Josephine Gurule-Vasquez was born in the year 1919, in the tiny little town of Mogote Colorado. She was the youngest of 5 siblings. She graduated high school when she was 18, in 1937. She went to work for a resort in southern Colorado called MenkHaven, where she started off with sewing clothe diapers for the resort guests. She was so good at what she did, that they promoted her twice. Once as a layette sewer, and then on to a cook in the kitchen. This is where she began her love for cooking, and learned a lot of the cooking skills that used her whole life.

She met and fell in love with Daniel Vasquez (my grandpa) in 1942, and was married shortly after in the same year. They lived on a ranch in the back hills of Pass Creek, near Redwing Colorado. They raised their 6 kids there for over 20 years. (I was able to visit this ranch of theirs on several occasions and it was so awesome to actually see where some of my family history took place).

Josephine and Daniel had their first son, Dan Jr. in 1943. Samuel (my Dad) was born in 1944. My aunt Mary was born in 1946. My Aunt Becky was born in 1950. Then there was my Uncle Jake, who was born in 1954.

From left to right. Grandpa Dan, Aunt Mary, Uncle Dan, Grandma Josie and Aunt Mary. Circa 1950’s.

My grandma Josie also had baby Rebecca in between my aunt Mary and my aunt Becky, but she died at only a few days old. I have had the amazing privilege to see baby Rebecca’s grave site when I was younger, on a day trip we took to explore where my dad grew up. She was laid to rest in a beautiful place in the back hills of southern Colorado, near their family ranch. It was a special thing to me, to be able to see my dads baby sister’s grave site and to pay respect to my little aunt who I was never able to meet.

Finally, my aunt Naomi was born in 1959. The last of 6 children.

I have so many good memories of all my aunts and uncles. I love that I am able to remember them and share memories with my dad and family about how they have impacted me.


My aunt Naomi has been a huge influence in my life. Her natural talent for pretty much anything that she does is inspiring. She has taught me a lot about cooking, baking, painting, arts and crafts, crocheting and so much more!

Her ability to just listen and dream with me is one of my favorite things about her. She is so non-judgmental of my flaws and always challenges me to be better at everything I do. She is also one of my biggest fans and has encouraged me so much in all of my random ventures.

Whenever we get together, we always end up cooking, baking, swapping recipes, antique shopping, drinking coffee together early in the morning and sharing stories about life, love and everything in between. I can truly say that we are kindred spirits and I am so thankful for her role in my life.

A lot of the recipes that I will post in Grandma Josie’s Kitchen page will be recipes that my aunt Naomi has taught me. Grandma’s legacy lives on through her, and hopefully I will do these recipes justice as I learn them and master them myself.

Grandma’s Legacy

Josie in kitchen
Grandma sitting in her spot at the table in her tiny kitchen.

My Grandma Josie was the most giving and self-less lady I have ever met. Her meek personality and feisty spirit is one that will never be duplicated. She loved her kids with a fierce love, and she doted on all of her 21 grandkids. Her great grandkids are so numerous, it would take me all day to research!

She loved to cook for people. She had this nac for cooking for a large group of people with little to no notice, and the meals being absolutely delicious! She loved having her family around, and always had a way of bringing her family together. One of the ways she did this was by cooking her delicious meals for everyone.

family at grandmas
Grandma and family around the table. At the forefront is my dad, Sam Vasquez, circa “old school”!





These recipes that I will share here has been passed down from my Native American, New Mexican and Colorado born ancestors. They have been passed down to my grandma Josie, down to my Aunt Naomi, and now to me. I am so excited to forever memorialize my grandma Josie’s recipes!

Grandma’s ability to whip things up has been an inspiration to me as well! I want to be that kind of woman who is able to that! I strive to always feed people when they come to my house, and I always want people to leave my home filled with yummy food and happiness! 


grandma cooking
Grandma Josie cooking in her kitchen.

I always remember my grandma cooking in the kitchen. She loved to gather everyone around the table, and see everyone happy. Some of my best childhood memories were in her kitchen.

One of the most memorable memories that I have of her kitchen was when she would feed us grandkids corn flakes in the mornings. She would load up the bowl with about 1/4 cup of sugar, and top it off with evaporated milk! I swear, to this day I can not eat corn flakes without thinking about my grandma and all the sugar she would give me as a child. Lol.



kids with grandma
There I am at Grandmas house with my Grandpa Dan and all my cousins. I am the one with my eyes closed and the messy long hair with a head band. 🙂

I always remember my grandparent’s house being the place that we would all gather. It was a tiny house, but somehow that didn’t matter. The love and acceptance that was there made it homey and comfortable, and everyone loved being there. Even if we were packed like sardines!

That is yet another thing I always want my home to be like! Welcoming, cozy and always, always, always food on the table!



Authentic Recipes

I am so excited to be able to share some of my grandma Josie’s recipes with you! I will also be sharing traditional and authentic Native American dishes that are still popular in New Mexico and Colorado today.

From Traditional Sweet Meat Empenadas, Pressure Cooker Beans (a recipe that was passed down from my Mom who learned it from grandma Josie), Sopaipillas, Tortillas, Green Chili Sauce, to Panocha (a sweet porridge), these recipes will inspire!


My aunt Naomi teaching me how to make Empanadas.
Sweet Meat Empanadas











As I write this, I can almost feel the authentic richness of these dishes coming alive!

My grandma Josie was a special lady. She effected so many with her love, acceptance and cooking! I look forward to seeing her in heaven some day and sitting on the porch of heaven, talking about life, love and food! I love you grandma Josie!

my grandma
Grandma Josie Vasquez. 1919-2005.

I hope you enjoy these recipes from my Grandma Josie’s Kitchen and beyond!

God Bless!



Hands-on Housewife



Hey ya’ll!

I have been busy, and then I have been BUSY.

When I look at what I am busy with; the kinds of things that occupy my time, I doubt myself. I am usually busy with chores, housework, home school, blogging, and a myriad of other things that “seem to be important at the time”.  I truly wish that I could be better as a mom. I wish that all I wanted tot do was teach my kids, love on them and spend every waking moment with them (and enjoy it).

Maybe you’re one of those mammas who sits on the floor with their youngsters, plays, reads books and talks in a high-pitched little girl voice. That is great.

No…I am not being facetious. I genuinely wish I could be that way. But, alas, that is soooooo not how God made me.

I would probably be mom who is yelling from the kitchen to pick up the mess. Unfortunately.

I have come a long way from being that overly anal and crazy mom who literally can’t stand a mess, and gets upset anytime there are toys on the floor (trust me…I still struggle with that).

Where is the balance to the busy day-to-day? WHAT is that balance?

Today I want to discuss the issue of busy-ness and maybe share with you my struggle at finding the balance.

I would also love to share with you what the “B-U-S-Y” stands for…wait for it…

Jack of All Trades

This year I had to let go of a lot of things. Not necessarily bad things, just too many things. You see, I am one of those who tends to say “yes” to everyone and everything. I always feel like I can “do that better”, or that I just need to be involved. However, this mindset has gotten me in trouble in many circumstances.

I don’t believe that being busy is bad. But I also don’t believe that you have to literally do nothing else except stay at home with your kids and only home school every day, either. There has to be a balance.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” -Benjamin Franklin

This is definitely my life! I may be a “jack of all trades”, but I often feel like I am not mastering any one thing. I don’t want to be that way. I would rather master a few things well, then be just ok at a whole lot of things.

I think that is where staying busy comes in for me. I enjoy having my plate full. I enjoy using my gifts. I enjoy working with my hands.

But what if I want to ENJOY getting down on the floor with my kids? Mastering being a mom? What if I truly desire to make my kids a priority in my day?

That for me is the struggle.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my kids so much, and am incredibly blessed by them. But mothering does not come naturally for me. Work and being busy does.

So how I do balance the two? How do I master only a few things? This question has evaded me for many years now, and I don’t believe that it needs to be some deep and analytical thing. God has really showed me that being content is the simple answer.

Where I am in my life (the mommy stage) is OK. It’s ok to be frustrated at times. It’s OK to not have a handle on being that “perfect mom”. It’s ok to be overwhelmed.

I do believe that I have subconsciously used busy-ness to cope with my insecurities as a mom. Again, there is nothing wrong with being busy, but I have been convicted to realize that I don’t need to be THAT busy.

It’s OK to say no to things. It’s ok to rest. It’s ok to rest WITH your kids too!

Finding the Balance

After so many failures at balancing my time and my busy schedule, God has shown me so much. He has allowed me the grace to do as many as things I want, but now I have learned the beautiful word of “no”. It really has given me freedom to spend time with my kids, or to invest more into my husband and blessing him.

I have come a long way from the crazy schedules, plans and events that I was once part of. As much as I have enjoyed those things that kept me busy, I feel so much more at peace now that I have learned to say “no”.

I have learned that the important things in life wake up in the bedroom next to mine every morning. They call me mommy. They are the most important thing I can spend my time doing every day. They are my priority. THEY are what I want to master. 

Work will come and go. Doing “stuff” will always be there. Spending my time being busy with “things” can always be done later.

But my kids are only with me for a short while. My oldest is only 10 years away from being a legal adult! My youngest is almost out of diapers! These are the years I need to cherish. these are the years that will go by so fast that I can’t even imagine!

These truths are something that I have to remind myself every day. It does not come easy for me, but I know that with God’s strength I will get through. With His strength, I will be able to invest in them and love on them every day. With His power, I can learn to MASTER these few precious blessings that He has given me.

Addie Jo

With that being said… I can put my phone down for a few short hours every day and spend quality time with these wonderful little humans God has given me. I can sit on the floor with them and play a game. I can hold my baby girl for a little while and not feel guilty that there is laundry piled in the basket. I can go outside and watch my boys play, just because they want me to. I can sit at our dinner table and look around at these blessings that are mine and truly enjoy the silly conversions and the laughter.

These years are short.

So, I said I would reveal what B-U-S-Y stands for, here it is….

Being Under Satan’s Yoke.

I heard this phrase about 18 years ago, and it has never left me. I forget it more than I should, but it has always stood as reminder to me that being busy is not always a good thing.

 Here are 3 tips that I have found to be very helpful in learning how to rest:

1. Say NO.

It is always easy to say yes to things and then later realize that you got in over your head. Saying no is not a bad thing. If you feel bad for saying no, than maybe say “I will think about it”. That way it will give you time to assess the responsibilities of that thing you almost said “yes” to.

2. Put down the social media.

This year, it is my goal to get rid of things that distract me from my kids. I know I can get rid of everything (especially since I run two blogs and create recipes on my computer), but I can be intentional about how I do those things. Putting down my cell phone is one of my most important goals. I make a point to not have my cell phone at the table when my family and I are eating. That really has helped to have meaningful conversations with my husband and kids when we eat.

3. Set aside time for you.

I know I have said this over and over. But, I believe so much in this point. You NEED to take care yourself first, so that you can give your energy to your family. If you are not rested and refreshed, how do you except to take care of anyone else? Rest mammas! Find time to be alone at least for a half an hour a day!

I pray that this post is encouraging to you! If you are not in the busy stages of mom-hood, and you still find yourself overly busy…use these tips to rest! If you are in the mom stage of life…you know exactly what I am talking about! It’s exhausting! But, allow yourself some grace. Allow yourself a time to rest.



Give yourself a break!

God Bless!






Sweets and Treats

Double Chocolate Muffin Tops

Sugar-Free, THM-E

What I love

You know what I love about THM (Trim healthy Mama)? I love that I can have carbs and not feel guilty. Healthy carbs are a great way to get energy. And what better way to get energy, than by eating chocolate muffin tops…with NO GUILT?

Yes please!

The thing I really don’t like about “fad diets” is that they often take away whole food groups, like carbs. Carbs are such a good thing though! We need them to function! Not to mention the great things that healthy carbs do for your gut!

My Handsome Husband modeling a muffin top.

These little guys are loaded with yummy and nutritious oat flour. I grind my own flour in my blender (Teddy), and it makes the most fine oat flour I’ve seen. The homemade oat four is so much better than store-bought! Fine oat flour makes for fluffier and plumper muffins for sure!

I love eating healthy carbs, and I especially love feeding my kids healthy carbs. It really does give them so much energy!

Teddy Does His Job

I made these bad boys in my blender too! I mean, come on! It can’t be that easy, right? But seriously, I make so many recipes in my blender lately! Why not…when it is that dang easy?!?!?

I am finding new ways to love my blender everyday. His name is Teddy and he does his job!

This recipe really can’t get any more simple. I blend everything in the blender, pour into muffin tins and then top with Lilly’s dark chocolate chips. Such a fun way to bake! Instead of having pots and pans everywhere and a mess in the kitchen, I just use my Teddy (did I mention he is self-cleaning?)!

These muffin tops are also a great way to use those super ripe bananas! I just throw all the ingredients in the blender and the bananas barely even have to be handled! It that weird that I don’t like to touch ripe bananas?

They also make for a pretty tea cake.

My handsome husband loved these :).

So, here is the yummy recipe! I hope you enjoy them as much as we all did!


God Bless!


Double Chocolate Muffin Tops

Sugar-Free, THM-E, Low fat. A Muffin Top Packed With Energy!

5 minPrep Time

15 minCook Time

20 minTotal Time

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Recipe Image


  • 4 cups oats (ground-I use my blender for this)
  • 1 1/2 cups egg whites (I use the carton)
  • 1 cup plain greek yogurt
  • 3 medium bananas
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tbs baking powder
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2/3 cup gentle sweet (or preferred sweetener)
  • 3 tbs super sweet
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 2/3 c unsweetened vanilla cashew milk
  • 1/4 cup oat fiber
  • 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 bag of Lily's dark chocolate chips


  1. In blender:
  2. Grind 4 cups oats into a fine flour
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until well blended.
  4. Pour into greased muffin pans.
  5. Sprinkle with chocolate chips.
  6. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes



1762 cal


34 g


267 g


77 g
Click Here For Full Nutrition, Exchanges, and My Plate Info



Sweets and Treats

Z’s Cinnamon Pecan Swirl Bundt Cake

Sugar-Free, THM-S, Keto

Too Beautiful to Eat

This cake was so easy to make, yet one of the most decadent and beautiful cakes I’ve made. It not only makes for a gorgeous dessert, but because it is sugar-free and low carb, it would do great for breakfast with a piping hot cup of coffee!

Yes please!

This cake has a rich texture, full of surprises! The butter, cinnamon and crunchy pecans are a wonderful combo!

This cake is not only beautiful, but actually has health benefits! This cake has oat fiber and collagen in it!

I mean, come on! How can a cake that is so pretty, be so healthy to eat???

bundt cake

This is why I LOVE the THM way of life! I get to eat stuff like this every day! What’s not to love?

Theadore to the Rescue!

As you well know by now, I named my blender Theadore (affectionately called Teddy). I seriously use my blender every day! Sometimes more like 3 times a day! The thing I just can’t stop raving about, is the fact that you can literally make anything in it!

Guess what? This beautiful specimen was made in my Vitamix blender!

Yes, you heard me right! In my blender!!!! Theodore to the rescue!

(Here’s a free link to a discount on an amazing Vitamix Blender. This is series that I have. Use this link Ascent Series Blenders)

My beautiful niece Kyla, modeling some bundt cake.

The Recipe

Needless to say, this cake is a real crowd pleaser! It is beautiful, easy to make, and most importantly…delicious!

If you have a high speed blender, you will love this cake for a fast and decadent dessert!

Without further adieu, here is the recipe!

Hope you enjoy it!

God bless!


Z’s Cinnamon Pecan Swirl Bundt Cake

Sugar-free, THM-S, Keto.

A delicious and decadent bundt cake that is too easy to make!

10 minPrep Time

45 minCook Time

55 minTotal Time

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    For the Cake batter:
  • 1/2 cup egg whites (carton works great)
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp xantham gum
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese (2%)
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 cup erythritol (or gentle sweet)
  • 2 scoops collagen
  • 1 cup almond flour
  • 1/3 cup oat fiber
  • 1 1/2 cups pecans (hold 1 cup for swirl)
  • pinch or salt
  • 1 tbs baking powder
  • For the cake swirl:
  • 3 tbs cinnamon
  • 4 tbs melted butter
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • For the Icing:
  • 1 brick cream cheese (8 oz)
  • 5 tbs gentle sweet
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2-3 tbs half and half


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a high speed blender:
  3. blend egg whites, eggs and xantham gum for 40 seconds
  4. Add in the remaining cake batter ingredients
  5. Blend for 45 seconds or until creamy
  6. Add cake batter to a greased bundt pan.
  7. Mix the cake swirl ingredients together.
  8. Add the swirl mixture in 4 large spoonfuls, on top of the cake batter.
  9. Swirl the cinnamon/pecan/butter mix all around in the cake pan, until well swirled.
  10. bake cake for 45 minutes.
  11. Let cake cool completely.
  12. Frost with the cream cheese Icing. Top with extra pecans and dust with cinnamon.
  13. Enjoy for a dessert, or with coffee for breakfast!
  14. Enjoy!



3456 cal


278 g


126 g


142 g
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Home · Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Z’s Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

Sugar-free, THM-S, Keto

Deliciousness for Breakfast

I love, love, love protein smoothies for breakfast, snacks and go-to fast meals. It is hard to find ones that are delicious, nutritious and beautiful…but this guy takes the bait!

smoothie in hand

This smoothie almost tastes like it should be a dessert! IT has a creamy and blueberry-y taste that is hard to resist!

If I could delicious things for breakfast every morning…I would! And this smoothie is perfect for breakfast!

There is a “secret ingredient” in this smoothie that is sooooo good for you. Turmeric. Yes, straight up turmeric! There are many health benefits that the wonderfully orange vitamin is good for.

There are just too many to list! Why not add in a vitamin to your smoothies and shakes that is so beneficial to your health, as turmeric is?

Note: Turmeric is fat-soluble and is way more beneficial when taken with a form of fat. MCT oil, butter, avocados, etc are  great to eat it with! Here is a list of the preferred dosages of turmeric:

According to University of Maryland Medical Center 

The permissible dosages of various forms of turmeric (for adults):

  • Cut root: 1.5 – 3 g per day
  • Dried, powdered root: 1 – 3 g per day
  • Standardized powder (curcumin): 400 – 600 mg, 3 times per day
  • Fluid extract (1:1) 30 – 90 drops a day
  • Tincture (1:2): 15 – 30 drops, 4 times per day



Easy Peasy Nutrition

I think that smoothies and shakes have the potential for so much health and nutrition. Why not use it as a way to get in a meal replacement? If you are like me, and you are still trying to get baby weight off, protein smoothies and shakes are the perfect way!

Unlike juicing, straight blender smoothies are so much healthier for you! You see, when you juice, you take the pulp and fiber out of the vegetables and the fruit. The pulp and the fiber in fruits and veggies are the most healthy part! They help to transform the “sugars” that fruits and veggies have in them, so that you are able to not only metabolize them better, but also keep your insulin from spiking in the process.

I love smoothies and shakes for that reason alone, but I also love the ease of them! What’s not to love about throwing everything in your blender (or personal blender cup) and blending a meal together in 30 seconds!

Look at all those beautiful berries and that spinach!

I usually use a unsweetened vanilla ALMOND milk for my smoothies, but I tried unsweetened vanilla CASHEW milk in its place, and was very pleasantly surprised! There is just something so creamy and delicious about cashew milk!

Now that your mouth is watering for a delicious and nutritious snack or meal, maybe you should make one! 😉

You’re welcome.

God bless!


Z’s Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

Sugar-Free, THM-S, Keto

3 minPrep Time

3 minTotal Time

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Recipe Image


  • 6 oz frozen blueberries
  • 1 large handful of spinach
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (about 1/4 cup)
  • 1 scoop of collagen
  • 1 tsp MCT oil
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric (optional, but so much healthier)
  • 2 tsp super sweet blend
  • 1 1/3 unsweetened vanilla cashew milk


  1. Put all ingredients in high speed blender and blend until smooth (about 30-40 seconds).
  2. Note: some blenders that are not high powered may require a longer blend.



268 cal


8 g


33 g


19 g
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Lets talk about Sex!

Sexy Wife

5 tips on being sexy for your husband-When you feel like a hag.


Definition of sexy : sexually suggestive or stimulating : erotic. : generally attractive or interesting : appealing.


Let’s be honest now…if you are a wife and mom, and especially if you are in your 30’s and have had more than a couple of children…you probably feel like a hag…at least most of the time.

Am I right? Or am I the only one who struggles with this? #haglife

The word “sexy” may make you roll your eyes, sigh with exhaustion, or just make you say, “whatever!”.

Maybe you just had a baby and you feel more like this…










Maybe your idea of “being sexy” looks like this… (sorry random lady)…










Maybe the thought of the word “sexy” sounds exhausting…

(I have no idea why I am using so many dang animal pictures!)

So what does it look like to be a “sexy wife”? 

What does it mean to BE “sexy”?

Today we are going to be looking at some of the proposed perceptions of husbands and the thought processes of wives of what it means to be a SEXY WIFE.

The Unspoken Truth

When our men finally ask us to be their wives, we are usually ecstatic! We start planning, we start dreaming, we show off our beautiful ring. But USUALLY, we start exercising. Am I right? We want to be able to get into that tiny little white dress and impress not only our husbands, but everyone that will be at our wedding.

The unspoken truth of the matter is, when we first start our marriages, we make it our goal to become as sexy as humanly possible for our husbands. We go out of our way to find sexy lingerie, to dress up, to cook yummy treats and meals, to initiate intimacy, to send sexy little text messages to their phones, etc.

Then, a lot of times….children happen. Busyness happens. Life happens. Not that we don’t still want to be sexy for our husbands, even as moms, but life has a way of making all of those initial important things go away. What used to be important seems to be “put on the back burner”. We still dress up for Sundays, put makeup on for date nights and sometimes, occasionally workout. But, what used to be so much of a priority has been unintentionally forgotten.

We resort to sweat pants and bad hair days, with no thought as to how it effects our husbands.

You see, being sexy is not necessarily being all dressed up in a laced black negligé, 5 inch stilettos or saying alluring things to your husband (even though those are great things!).

Sexy is a frame of mind. Sexy is a vibe that you give off! The confidence that you once had with your husband. Before children. Before the busyness of life.

Yes, you can still wear sweat pants and have messy hair, and still have that “vibe” that you once had. That sexiness that drives your husband wild! But, it is an intentional way of thinking. Intentional actions.


I say we awaken that which used to be so important to us in the beginning of our marriage…being sexy.


I recently took a poll on Facebook of all the married men out there who were brave enough to respond. I put a list of things on there that might describe what they viewed as being sexy. Here was the question and these were the choices:

My wife looks most sexy/attractive when she:

  1. Dresses up
  2. Initiates intimacy
  3. Puts effort into health/body
  4. Sends love notes or pictures

Believe it or not, there were not that many husbands who responded (I salute the brave few).


Because, I believe that they were and are tongue-tied.

I believe that they were fearful that maybe their wives would read their response and get offended by their opinion. Unfortunately, I don’t think that this fear that men have is too far off the mark. Why is it that wives AND husbands cannot talk openly about what is sexy to them, and what their needs are?

Don’t get me wrong, I think women are more apt to give their opinions on what their husband should do to be sexy…

“What are you wearing?!? That is so ugly! Here, wear this!”

“hunny, maybe you should start working out…you know, get those big arms that Chris Hemsworth has.”

“Gross…you want to have sex now? You are all sweaty and nasty! Get away from me!”.

Can you even imagine what would happen if our husbands said any of those kinds of things to us?!?!?


I believe that many men are tongue-tied because they are not able to say what they desire from their wives, especially in the realm of “sexiness”, for fear they may get in an unwanted fight, or possibly even “lose their life.”  I believe it is a huge struggle for them. They want so badly to say what they find sexy from their wives, without fear their wives will take it wrong, or be offended. I believe most husbands really do have good intentions for this sensitive subject, but end up just not saying anything at all because they don’t want to their wives to feel hurt.

Ladies…we can alleviate their fears!

We can allow them to communicate with us without feeling like they are “walking on eggshells”. We can for all practical purposes, allow them to give insight into their hearts.


Yes. Yes we can.

Note: The most popular choice for husbands was #2: Initiates Intimacy. Interesting huh?

5 Tips

I definitely have not “arrived” at “being sexy”. I am no professional. Don’t claim to be. But, I do have to say I have learned a lot in my 11 years of marriage. I have learned a lot of what NOT to do, and also what works for my husband.

I believe if we go into this journey of discovering sexiness with the intent to bless our husbands, God will inevitably bless our efforts.

After all, isn’t it our goal to serve our husbands? Shouldn’t it be our pleasure to present ourselves (especially our bodies), as gifts to our husbands?

With these observations addressed, here is a list of 5 tips you can start to initiate in your marriage. I believe we can be sexy for our husbands again!

It just takes a little intentionality on our parts.

5 tips to being sexy for your husband:

  1. Ask him. 

I guarantee if you ask your husband to be honest with you, he will be more than willing to shed some light on ways you can be more sexy. Of course, he needs to be loving about it, but don’t take it offensively if he comments on something you may not be doing. Take it as him caring for you. Which he does! Ask him to give you ideas on ways you can be more sexy and attractive for him.

2. Make an effort.

Just like when you first got engaged, make an effort to be healthy, both physically and mentally. I think this point is one of the most important things you can do to feel and be more sexy! When you are healthy (eating right and exercising), you not only feel better in every way, but you start getting confident in how you look! He will notice too! Trust me… this has been the most beneficial point for me, personally!

3. Initiate things.

I don’t just mean sex. Yes, sex is very important too, but I mean also initiating intimacy with your husband  (I won’t get too detailed about what “intimacy” is. I will leave that to your imagination!;).  Also, women…we have an easier ability to initiate (and plan) dates with our husbands. I guarantee you your husband wants to date you, but he is intimidated on planning the babysitting aspect of it. Take initiative sometimes (husbands need to plan dates too), and plan a date. Set up the babysitting. Be a team!

4. Be Spontaneous.

This option is so wonderful! Because, the possibilities are limitless! You can be sexy in so many ways with this one! Here are a few ideas off the top of my head…1. Send a sexy message (or picture) randomly to your husband during the day (be discreet…you never know who may be near his phone). 2. Get the kids babysat for when he gets home from work one night, and have a quiet and intimate dinner (and “dessert” after ;). 3. Plan a weekend getaway with your husband. 4. Dress up for him whenever you are going somewhere with him (even just to the store), to make him proud. Be creative! You can do it!

5. Spend time on you.

This morning, my husband told me he feels many women just need to allow themselves to spend time on THEMSELVES (yes, I married a winner;). What he meant by that was a lot of women just don’t feel the freedom to be able to spend time on themselves, without feeling guilty about it. I think he is right! There are many times when I treat myself to a pedicure, manicure, or to getting my hair done, and there is a twinge of guilt associated. That should not be the case! Ladies…if we spend a little extra time on making ourselves feel pretty, and even just the sheer fact of putting the focus on US for a change, it will go such a long way to helping us feel relaxed and refreshed! We need to allow ourselves the freedom to take care of ourselves, to take care of our appearances. THIS will go a long way to making us feel less of a hag, and more SEXY for our husbands!


I hope these tips will enrich your marriage and your thought process on what it looks like to be a sexy wife. It’s really pretty simple. Our husbands don’t need much from us! When we put effort into making our husbands feel respected and honored by the way we treat and view ourselves, it very impactful!

Let’s bring SEXY back to our marriages!

God Bless!





Sweets and Treats

Z’s Madeleine’s

Sugar-free, THM-S, Keto

Copycat Awesomeness!

These little suckers are totally copycats of Starbucks little Madeleine cookies…except they they don’t have all the preservatives, refined flours and sugar that those guys from Starbucks have! They have a delightful buttery taste and the perfect little cake/cookie texture! The best part about these little guys are…they are sugar-free! Completely guilt-free, and perfect with coffee!!!

I had made these little cakes originally as just little cookies, but as soon as I tasted them, I knew that I needed to make these into Madeleine’s!

The rich buttery taste were just too good to resist, and I knew they would look beautiful as traditional little tea cakes. So, I went online and ordered some madeleine molds, and alas…here they are!


“I’d like to order a cup of coffee with unsweetened cashew milk and one packet of Gentle Sweet, and I’d like a few of those delicious looking Z’s Madeleine’s!”

Yes please!

Teddy to the Rescue!

I don’t know about you, but I name my appliances. Especially the ones I love! I named my new Vitamix, Teddy. I named him after one of my favorite Presidents of all times! (you can read all about why I love him here https://zhealthyhousewife.com/2018/01/13/theadore/)

You guessed it…these little guys were made in my favorite appliance! It really makes life so much easier when you have great tools for your cooking and baking. My Vitamix Teddy is no exception! I just throw my ingredients in and blend, then I pour, then I bake!


If you are on the fence of whether or not to invest in one…I would say…JUST DO IT!!! Mine truly has been worth every penny! AND…10 year warranty! Yes please!

Here’s a link…(I get a little commission if you buy from this link! Check out my affiliates disclosure below)…

The Recipe

I sent a Tupperware full of these little cookies to work with my husband and he reported back that “the guys loved them!”. I also had a friend taste one and she said she “got goosebumps, because they are so good”.

So, it is safe to say that these are delicious!

Even my son was impressed, and said, “Mommy…how do you get these to taste so yummy without sugar?”


I love this boy and how he is always willing to taste test my baked goods!

These little guys really do turn out so pretty! They would perfect for a special tea or a little church event!

I will be enjoying a couple of these with my coffee later this morning (makes the perfect “S” snack), and I will be feeling 0 guilt!


I hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

God Bless!


Z’s Madeleine’s

Sugar-Free, THM-S, Keto.

A deliciously buttery little cake! Perfect for a Tea or just with a cup of your favorite coffee!

5 minPrep Time

20 minCook Time

25 minTotal Time

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Recipe Image


  • 2 sticks softened butter (1 cup)
  • 1 8 oz brick of softened cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup gentle sweet
  • 1/2 tsp butter extract
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1/4 cup oat fiber


  1. In a high powered blender:
  2. add in butter, cream cheese, gentle sweet and extracts.
  3. Blend until fluffy
  4. Add in the eggs and blend until creamy.
  5. Add in the rest of ingredients and blend until smooth and thick.
  6. Place in uncreased silicone molds.
  7. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until edges are golden and the center is no longer gooey.
  8. Let cool completely.
  9. Serve with coffee, tea or your favorite hot drink!
  10. Enjoy!



1272 cal


96 g


66 g


57 g
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