The Hands-On Housewife

Did you know that I used to be a mechanic? Well, I don’t want to make myself sound like a pro, but did go to college to learn to be an Auto Technician, and eventually a Master Technician. Although I did not complete my education (for multiple A.D.D. reasons;), I did work at a Custom Auto Shop in San Diego, and did complete a bunch of classes of all sorts, on Auto maintenance, brakes, alignment and Engine Rebuilding, to name a few. I thoroughly enjoyed that season of my life, and still enjoy the occasional auto project, but my “season” right now is family and becoming the best “domestic engineer” (housewife) that I can be.



This page will (eventually) have How-To videos and posts on practical housewife things, including Basic Auto Maintenance for housewives, and step-by-step procedures for many hands-on topics. Stay tuned for posts to be added soon!



(Teaching them boys, how to install a starter;)