Let’s talk about Sex!

Sex, Sex, Sex…

Now, you’re probably sitting there going, “Whoa! She’s gonna actually talk about sex??? I wonder if it’s going to be a good thing? I mean, she has been married for almost 11 years!!! Oh man…”

Well, let me just tell you…SEX IS A GOOD THING! Yes, I just said that. God designed it for us to enjoy, for us to look forward to, and for us to get the picture of close intimacy with our creator! ITS GOOD!

Now I’ve had 5 pregnancies in the last 9 years…so lets just say that my body has gone to “hell in a handbag”, and I have struggled with my share of self-esteem issues, but I can truly tell you that God has shown me so much about myself and about my husbands needs, and I am so excited to continue learning… That’s the fun part ;).

On this page, we will discuss Sex (when, where and how), Body issues (how to make your body healthy for YOU and your husband;), Sex and children (how to “do it” when you have a house full of kids…

…And many, many more topics!

As I continue to add new posts, I’d love to get your feedback! If you have any suggestions on sex topics, feel free to leave a comment or contact me!

Join me as I share my personal journey to a HEALTHY SEX LIFE!!!!

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