Homeschool. Even though this word has 10 letters….it sounds a 4 letter word to me.

I know, I know…some of y’all are like, “What did she just say?!?!”. I get it. I know I am supposed to be like most other great homeschool moms, and be like, “Oh baby, do I love teaching my children! Its just the best!”. Yea….Nope. Not me.


Now, let me get this straight for you who might be getting ready to report me (to the homeschool mom police). I love having my children at home, and the fact that they are actually learning a lot…says everything.

You see, I had my oldest, in a independent study charter school for 2 years, and I could not, after a while, continue to justify the curriculum. There just was nothing substantial for him. Thats when I had to consider homeschool. My husband and I have a deep conviction to not put them in public school, so that was my only choice at the time.

But let me tell you…Its been so rewarding to see them learning and especially learning biblical principles.

The whole “homeschool is a 4 letter word”… thats all me. I am NOT a teacher, nor will I ever claim to be one.

But, on this adventure (homeschool), I feel, like it is a way for God to teach me, yet again, about patience and kindness. So, as I share my crazy journey through homeschooling…hopefully someone can be blessed to know that- Not everyone is a perfect mom. Not everyone can be that mom that sits down (on the floor), and proceeds to teach their child lessons that are crafty or great.

I suck at being a homeschool mom…but I’m learning so much.

Join me as I share candid tips, stories and how-to’s!