This Page is for anyone who likes fitness! I am a big fan of it myself, but to be honest, I go through seasons of good fitness, and seasons of not-so-good fitness. Don’t we all?

Its impossible to have “the perfect body” when your a mama (and who says what is perfect anyway?), but we can look and feel our best if we try.

In modern society, we are told what “fitness” is supposed to look like. Hours at the gym, skin tight tiny outfits, and the latest cool shoes…I think thats bull! Fitness is not about what we wear (or don’t wear;). We don’t all have those tiny waists, and ginormous boobies (good on you, if you do! You’re awesome!), but I think that Health needs to be something that is not gonna kill you, or require hours and hours in the gym. I believe that if you desire to be fit, then, it will show. If you have other priorities in life right now..then that’s great!

Fitness health is something I desire to grow in (especially now that I’m in my thirties!). Join me as I discover fitness!