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The things we cannot say

Im just going to be honest here…I don’t usually read secular books. But when I find one that is not only EPIC, but also based on HISTORY…Oh baby, I’m in heaven! I could hardly put this one down! I absolutely loved the story line! the characters were instantly endearing, and the historic backdrop of Nazi occupied Poland, was fascinating.

The story basically surrounds the Dziak family: Papa, Mama, Alina and her twin Brothers. It depicts a simple, yet lovely life on a farm outside of a tiny rural town in Poland. Once World war 2 breaks out and the Nazis take over Poland…all of that changes.

The story centers on the Dziak’s Daughter Alina. She dreams of a life where she, and her sweetheart, Tomasz can be married, and start a life of their own. Her somewhat naive thinking gets her in trouble many times, and it isn’t until her Tomasz disappeares that begins to worry about her idealistic dreams.

I love how the author weaves together the past and present, in a way that leaves you coming back for more! It was very hard for me to put this one down, and I’m pretty sure that I read it in less than a week!! I literally dreamt about the story whenever I went to sleep, and woke thinking about the characters!

I highly suggest this book to anyone who loves a good story, but especially anyone who loves history. Check it out!

So Good!!!
The front description doesn’t even do this book justice!!!

Anyways…I hope you love this book as much as I did! Enjoy!

-God Bless!


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