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Finding Your Identity Pt. 2

I recently wrote a post “Finding your Identity-When all you know is home, husband and kids”. It was well received, and although I know a lot of women can identify with my story and how I struggled with my identity while going through mom-hood and marriage, I think that there are many women who don’t admit that they too struggle with it.

Our identities are so influenced by what we do. And when all you do is take care of people (namely, your family), that work becomes you. It becomes who you are. Not YOU, but the work.

That is why I would like to share a few of my hobbies with you, and give you a glimpse into what makes me WHO I am.

My Happy Place

I think having a hobby that you enjoy thoroughly is so important, and can remedy some of those “identity issues” that you may or may not have. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should just go out and get a paint-by-numbers set, just for the heck of “having a hobby”. But, I do think it is important to find something that brings you joy.

“Hobbies provide physical and mental health benefits by giving a person an alternative place to spend time and mental energy and therefore become reinvigorated for the rest of life…”https://bestmedicinenews.org/wellbeing/7-reasons-why-hobbies-are-good-for-your-health/

My hobbies are truly my “happy place”.

Don’t get me wrong again…My husband, my kids and my home are definitely some of the most rewarding things I have put my time and energy into! They truly are my blessings, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But, there are many seasons of life where I get really overwhelmed. I need a “place” to escape. A place that is “away” from the dishes, the diapers and the busy days.

And get this…They even have a whole entire store for these amazing things called “hobbies”…HOBBY LOBBY! Heck ya! (OMG…I could spend an entire day in that dang store! Don’t even get me started!)

So, without further adieu, here are some of my hobbies:

  1. Acrylic painting and drawing 


This is one of my latest full landscapes (on the left). I used to paint a lot, but over the years, have lost the technique and time for it. This is my latest hobby, and I love it! It has allowed me to “escape” into another world, where anything is possible. Beautiful colors, the potential to create and just the plain beauty that inspires me. I hope to spend more time in this medium of art, especially now that my youngest is almost out of diapers. I also enjoy drawing.


     2. Creating Recipes


fork full

Creating recipes from scratch and making them yummy has become one of my favorite things to do! I know you see all the recipes I post, so you know how I love to create delicious food from random ingredients. I love this hobby because it provides yummy and healthy food for all of my family. I know that this is my families favorite hobby of mine, for sure! 😉

     3. Food photography and Portraits

Jesse and the muffinsbreakfastFrench toast boy

These are literally just a few of the thousands of pictures that I have. I love pictures! I have always had a love for photography, even before I had any clue how to take pictures. I have thousands and thousands of family memories and pictures of food (can you tell I love my babies and my food?). I really hope to learn as much as I can about legit photography, but for now…I am happy to capture as many happy memories and beautiful things as I can.

     4. Home Decor and Decorating

I admit that I have an eclectic style, but I absolutely love making our house a cozy home. I thoroughly enjoy moving furniture around and designing spaces, painting, redecorating (probably way too often), and making things cozy and comfortable. It’s all about atmosphere for me. The lighting, the colors, the smells and the aesthetics. I have always been that way, and I find joy in making our home as beautiful as I can (on a budget of course;). I also love to decorate for weddings and events, and use my gifts to help other people make their event beautiful.

     5. Reading


Reading is another way for me to “escape”. I enter a completely different “reality”. Stories that bring me into the scene with characters and twisting plots. I am someone who has one of those “vivid imaginations”, so reading brings amazing stories to life for me! From christian fiction, to biographies, to non-fiction and historical fiction…you name it! I love it! I always feel so much “smarter” when I read, as apposed to watching a movie or a show. I try to find time to read when the kids are asleep, or when I am alone (which is rare), or right before I fall asleep. Reading a good book is truly one of my favorite things to do!

     6. Auto Mechanics


No…I did not say that I like “auto mechanics”. Lol. I like to work on auto mechanical things! Believe it or not, I went to college to become an Auto Technician. Yes, before babies and domesticated bliss. But truly, working on my trucks and tinkering around, figuring out how things work and run, are one of my favorite things to do! I admit that in the past 9 years (since I started having babies), that I haven’t spent very much time on my beautiful truck (yes, he is beautiful!), but I greatly hope to be able to get back into it. My plan is to start on the engine rebuild portion of my 1971 Ford Bronco this upcoming summer! I believe that everyone should know how to work on basic car stuff, and I hope to teach my kids everything I know!


 7. Working Out








I really believe that working out is such a stress reliever! I think that is why I enjoy it so much. Also, it gives me time alone in the mornings. I usually workout 3-4 times a week (in this season of life), in the mornings right after I do my devotion time. It not only allows me to have quiet time, where I focus on being healthy and fit, but it allows me get endorphins moving and thus allowing me to be “less stressed” throughout the day. I would say that this wonderfully fulfilling task is considered one of my hobbies.

     8. Adventures

Hiking Castle Rock
Hiking in the snow
Running early in the Summer Mornings

Exploring Snowbird, Utah


Exploring Steamboat Springs, Co


Me at The Silos, Tx







Needless to say…One of my favorite things ever is exploring and having adventures! I used to be so adventurous and fearless (before marriage and babies), and I absolutely LOVE traveling, exploring and making memories! I don’t think I lost this desire after I got married, but I truly have “put it on hold” as God revealed to me my calling of being a wife and mama.

My goal is to do more of these adventures soon. I know that this is my “season” to raise kids, but someday again, I would love to get to travel and explore. Not only alone, but with my husband (aka best friend)!

I am planning a “pilgrimage” soon. It will be a week or so trip where I just take off and explore all by myself, and just have an adventure! The trip will be for fun, but also for writing. I enjoy writing as well (did I mention that’s one of my new hobbies?).

The Importance of being Alone

I have stressed many times that I feel the #1 most important thing you can do as a stay-at-home-mom or wife is to make a designated quiet time of devotions every morning. Just you and Jesus.  And, I have also stressed that the #2  important thing is to have alone time with your husband. Aside from God, your husband is the most important person in your life. He deserves your time and attention. THEN, # 3 there are your kids. Your kids are the “inheritance” that God gave you! If you are in the season of raising babies…that is your season…embrace it (trust me…that is my biggest struggle).

BUT…with all that being said…It is important to do things alone. Being alone is very important for yourself, your mind and especially your heart.

Note: If you are a “social butterfly”, find a close girlfriend that will keep you accountable and do fun things with you. Someone who will have those “adventures” or do those hobbies, right along side of you.

Anyways…there are a few of my hobbies. I hope that I have either encouraged or inspired you to get up, get going and get a hobby! It’s healing for the soul!

God Bless!



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