A Workout for the Discouraged

Hi! Welcome to Motivation Mondays!!! Today, I have a new workout for you! I recently found out that a few women I knew were doing the last workout that I posted! That was so encouraging! Please keep sending me feedback! I love it!

No Change

If you are anything like me, and you workout pretty consistently, you know that you can get get pretty discouraged. There are times when you follow a workout program, eat well and stay active and you STILL do not see progress.

That nasty “place” that you get stuck in is called “Plateau land”.

Here is the definition…


an area of relatively level high ground.
a state of little or no change following a period of activity or progress.
“the peace process had reached a plateau
Hey, I’ve been there many times! It kind of sucks being a female sometimes. Our hormones control so many factors of our health, unfortunately.
But, Don’t be discouraged!!!
You can do it!!!

“If Only I had a Nanny!!!”

With all that being said though….we still need to be consistent!
Consistency wins the race!!! You don’t have to workout every day to see results!
The other morning, I had the privilege of working out with my husband in the morning, before he left for work. I love working out with him!
We get to talk, encourage each other and the best part…Slap each other on the booty!!! 😉
We started talking about when the kids grow up and move out (which seems like a lifetime away…but it’s really not). I told him, “man o man, if I only had a nanny…I would look soooooo good! I’d go to the gym every day for 2-3 hours (uninterrupted), take spa days, get manicures and pedicures and generally be so relaxed!!!”
We laughed at that sentiment. I realize that some have the resources to be able to do that sort of thing, and that’s great, but I also have to be realistic. This season of life is really for my husband and my  babies! I have to remember that THAT is my priority right now…and THAT’S OK!
Does that mean that I let myself justify being unhealthy and out of shape? Heckles no! But I also have to be realistic. I could easily tell myself, “if only I had a…”.  You fill in the blanks.
Justification is a dangerous thing ;).

The Workout

Before I show you the workout plan, I just want to remind you that health and fitness is only 20% achieved in the gym! A whopping 80% is achieved in the kitchen!!!

That’s right! Your health begins and ends at what you eat! So, don’t beat yourself up if your life doesn’t allow for 2-3 hours at the gym, spa days, nanny’s etc!

This season is for your husband first, and then your kids! But, start in the kitchen!

Don’t be discouraged! 

With all that being said….
I put together a workout that you can easily do 3 times a week. This is a 2-4 week workout. It should only take about 25-30 minutes. Make sure to keep your heart rate up! It is a full body workout, so you can focus on burning fat and toning up every area of your body!  Hope you enjoy it!
Here is the (pdf) printed version.
Just click on it and print it out!

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