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Welcome to Silly Saturday!

Today, I will be talking about Teddy. He is my blender. Yes, I said blender. He is named after one of my favorite presidents-Theadore Roosevelt. You see, president Roosevelt did so much good for our United States, just like this big guy does for me. I feel like the name is an honor to have for my favorite appliance.

I really only have two appliances that I have named, so I am technically not THAT crazy, right?

This bad boy though!

-The Vitamix Ascent 3500-

He is my newest and greatest kitchen love! I call him Teddy.

Did you know that it is a proven fact that if you talk to your appliances, they will work better? It’s true…and if you sing….oh boy! The endless possibilities! (please don’t reference me on that)


Vitamix blender
My Teddy
Vitamix blender
“Wuv, twu wuv, is wut bwings us twogether twoday…”

Seriously though… this guy can really do a lot! Vitamix makes an amazing motor for their products, and this particular model (the Ascent 3500) is able to whip up anything! It even makes piping hot and fresh soup in 6 minutes! I love the frozen dessert feature as well! All those yummy desserts and smoothies that you see on my recipe pages…those are made with this sucker!

I actually bought two different attachments for it. One, was the dry grains container, and the other was the personal 24 oz smoothie container. I literally use the personal container every day for my after-workout protein shakes, or just a breakfast smoothie. The ease is incredible!

Each container has special sensors that automatically adjust the settings according to each specific container. No need to turn the motor lower or whatever. All automated!

With the dry grains container, I am able to make my own flours! Yes, I do! I absolutely love being able to grind anything in that! I am also able to make nut butters!

All that to say….

I really love my Vitamix Blender! It makes amazingly smooth shakes and smoothies. The texture that this makes in every recipe is worth the money. I always say, “buy quality stuff, and you will not have to buy more stuff later.”

Get this piece of news…IT HAS A 10 YEAR WARRANTY!!!!

How many blenders do you buy in a ten year span? I tell ya, the warranty sold me on this!

I have a link (click the pic) here if anyone wants to buy one! Vitamix is having a free shipping event!

If you order through my links, Ill get compensated, but your price won’t change! Isn’t that great!  Win,win!

Anyways…please read my disclosure for affiliate links at the foot of this page. 🙂

Well, that’s it for my Silly Saturday post! See you next week!


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