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My stand mixer-Wilson

Welcome to my Silly Saturday Post!

Am I writing about my stand mixer? Yes.

Did I name him? Heck yes!

Here is my stand mixer. His name is Wilson, and I love him. He’s a powerful work-horse of an appliance, and works hard for our family.

He makes delicious concoctions at least 4 times a week, and aids my poor muscles with the ability to mix “the crap” out of anything I give him to mix.

Did I mention that I love him?DSC_0013

So, You may have noticed that the poor guy has a few “bumps and bruises”. They are “battle scars” from working so hard.

The funny story is, My husband bought me this mixer used. He brought it home all excited to give me a gift (a gift he KNEW, would keep on giving…to him). He said, “babe, I have a surprise for you!” He brought it in and set it on the counter. I was like, “Oh. Thank you?” I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but little did he know that I really hate red appliances! This one was redder than a big giant….red thing (for lack of good analogy)!

OMG. Well, really, I am very thankful for this gift, and thankful for my husband who was trying to do a sweet and romantic thing for me.

Luckily, I am a DIYer and had some awesome colored copper spray paint hanging around. The color worked out for a long time, and people often complimented my “copper mixer”, but let’s just say, this mixer has seen better days. He still works great, but I feel a “repainting” coming on.

So, if you do not have a stand mixer…. You’re in luck! They are on sale right now through amazon! And guess what? If you click the link, and end buying one, I get a small (very small) commission!

So click on the ad, and buy one! You won’t regret it! (see my disclaimer on affiliate marketing below)


Have a Silly Saturday!


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