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The “Mess” Behind Bogging

This week, as you know, I am starting to build and customize my blog. But the thing is..I have no idea what I’m doing! I really am doing a lot of research and studying on how to have a blog that people actually read.

In the process, as I am beginning to build my recipes and blog posts, I discovered that it is not as “pretty” as it is portrayed to be. I know…we always see those pretty pictures on Pinterest, featuring the perfect plate of cookies, or the perfectly lighted dinner plate, full of beautiful colors and shading.

Well friends, I am still learning the ins and outs of food photography, and how to make all of that “pretty” stuff. But, I did take some pictures this week (as I was trying to make things look perfect), of what the real kitchen looks like. The “mess” behind the scenes. And since I am all for the REAL stuff…heres a couple pics of my “mess”…

Now, that is after making my yummy Berry sauce. But THIS is whats behind the scenes. THIS. Ew.

Bad lighting, bad colors. But, Real life. Do I have the perfect kitchen, and the perfect pots, pans and dishes…Heck no!

This was my kitchen after a flop recipe I did this last week. The taste was amazing…but I couldn’t get the consistency down, so I gave up. Note: my husband later ate all of the cookies…even though they were UGLY. Lol. Thank God for husbands who don’t care about “pretty”.

My counter space. Loaded. Not only with baking stuff…but Christmas wrapping stuff, and junk. This is REALITY, a lot of times.

I wish I could say my kitchen looked like this….

I wish.

But, As I continue this blog, and post REAL and candid stuff….I Just want everyone to know what everything in the background looks like for me.

Will my kitchen look this cool someday??? I hope so (More on our home addition, coming soon!!!).

But, Until I get my perfect kitchen (knock on wood), I will be thankful for what I have and try to make the best of it!

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