A New Venture

I’ve thought about starting a blog and recipe site for a long time now. Maybe 5 years in the making. I hesitated though, because I thought that maybe no one would be interested in what I have to say, or post. I doubted myself. Ive always been fairly confident, so lets just say, that I allowed myself to have a “brain fart” for a little while. but, before I start sharing my life and recipes with you…let me tell you a little about me….

My story: I grew up in a christian family home in San Diego, Ca. My parents raised me fairly strictly (which is not a bad thing, being a parent now ;). I have 2 brothers, and 2 sisters. I am the second born. We had a happy childhood and spent most of our time outside. I was also homeschooled for 10 years. Lets just say, I was the “dumbest homeschooler” you ever met. But, somehow, when I went to public school for the last two years of my high school career, I passed with flying colors, and even graduated with honors! Whew! So, that is that. I always had an interest in hot rods and vehicles. You see, I grew up around hot rods, because my dad had two that he faithfully worked on every weekend. I was able to help him, and get my “hands dirty” with engine parts and body work. Thats where the “spark” started. I took a couple auto shop classes in high school, so naturally, I wanted to take more in college. I paid my way through a couple years of college and majored in Auto Technology. While I took college courses at night, I got a job as an apprentice at a local custom auto shop. I also had been working for years (in the summers), as a camp counselor, and so I continued on as an intern as well. I have to say, that being one of the only females in that area at that time, did have its draw for me. I took it as a challenge and enjoyed proving that I could do anything a man could do (feministic tendencies much?;). But, I was still longing for adventure.


One day, after hearing about a job up “in the mountains” (Big Bear), I decided to just drop everything and go. I put in my two weeks notice, and started packing. The job was a Property Manager for 444 acres. SO, I bought a little 17 foot trailer, and welded a tow hitch (with my dads help) on my 1971 bronco (my baby;), and headed up to my new job! It was adventurous and exciting to me. You see, I always had an itch. An itch to go places, to see new things, and to discover adventure! This was my ticket to the start of A New Venture.

I was only living in Big Bear for a year, and also working at a christian camp, when a couple friends of mine mentioned a bible study that a certain “tall dark and handsome” Fella was involved in, and that I “just had to meet!”. At this point in my life, I was so not into serious relationships. I had no interest in staying in Southern California. So, I kept telling them, “no thanks”. But, One rainy fall day, I was sitting in my trailer, watching a movie and drinking hot cocoa, when I thought to myself, “I might as well go to this bible study, and if this Fella is there….I guess ill meet him.” So I did. I went there (armed with my crochet stuff-to keep my hands busy…naturally;), and alas! he was not there! I was like, “whew! maybe I dodged a bullet!”. But, what I didn’t know, is that my friend texted this Fella and he dropped what he was doing to come meet “this girl that would be perfect for him”,(At least thats what they told him lol).

Well, I know this sounds pretty far-fetched, but when I heard the front screen door open (because of the squeaky hinges), I just knew that this Fella was there. In the very same house as me! When I looked up from my crochet project (you know, because I was completely listening to the bible study ;), I swear that I might have heard music. There, standing in the doorway, was this big, handsome, stud of man! He wore a Winchester camo hat, a tight t-shirt, thigh huggin’ jeans and cowboy boots. The thing that made my heart skip a beat though, wasn’t so much his tight jeans (even though those were nice..real nice;), it was his big, worn leather bible, held by his muscly manly hands! I quickly looked down, of course, and pretended like he wasn’t even there. Of course. Long story short… He made a b-line to me after the study, and pretty much asked me out on a date on the spot! I told him no (naturally;), and said I was going to San Diego for a few days. He was pretty persistent, so we ended up scheduling a date for the following week.

From that first date on, we were inseparable. We dated for 28 days, and he proposed! The crazy part is, that I said yes. You see, I was never the “marrying kind”. I never expected to get married at 21, let alone ever! But, God had different plans for me. We got married “in a fever”,  and any “fever” marriage usually has its troubles. We really had a rocky start to marriage, but through lots of accountability and submitting ourselves to the Lord, we have made it through. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I think that all the things we went through early on in our marriage, has made us stronger. Some of things that we fought over or had issues with, are laughable now. But, those things refined us, and caused us to trust God more. My husbands character has changed so much  in the last 10 years (for the better), and I love him more than when we first got married. He is my rock, and the rational side to my crazy side. Just the fact that he puts up my craziness, is a testament! I am a tough cookie to get along with (I admit that;). Fast forward 10 years, and 4 kids later…Here I am! I have learned a lot, failed a lot and altogether dont know what the heck I’m doing half the time. But, God always has carried me through. He has provided everything I ever needed!


My Children: My oldest is a boy, and his name is Jesse James (7). He is such a smart boy, and is a lot like his daddy. Kind, gentle and super analytical. My second is Justus Samuel (6), and he is my little artist. He is so intricate in everything he does. very detail oriented, and tends to be introspective. He is most like me in a lot of ways. 😉 Then, there is Josiah David (4). He is my spunky one. He’s also like his daddy, in a lot of ways too. He is full of energy, but one of the most loving boys you’ll ever meet. Finally, there is our little girl. Her name is Adelaide Josephine (2). She is the reason I have grey hairs! She is feisty and full of energy! She is constantly keeping us on our toes!


I started homeschooling my two older boys this year, and let me just say…I suck so bad at it! they’ve actually learned more this year than two years combined! But, It is my one true “thorn in the side”, but I know that God has a refinement process going on me. I just wish He’d teach me stuff in an easier fashion! lol.

I love cooking and baking, and I have to say…so does my husband (love to eat my cooking and baking stuff)! He is my “guinea pig”. He eats all of my good stuff…along with failed attempts too!

I LOVE TO CREATE AND INVENT RECIPES!!! My husband and I have embraced THM (Trim healthy mama), and it has kept us at our goal weight (mostly;), for almost 3 years. because of this eating lifestyle, it has caused me to create and master some great recipes that are slimming to the waist line, yet, not lacking on flavor or beauty. I often post these recipes on Instagram and have had many people asking for the recipe. My weakness though, in creating and inventing yummy food and desserts, is that, often, I do not write it down. I just throw it all toghether, and forget to write the ingredients down. I am getting better at this, and hopefully because of this blog, will fine-tune my “craft”.

So, from an young adventurous risk taker, to a Wife, to a Momma of 4…This will be my journey. Join me as I post recipes, talk candidly about marriage, mom-hood, homeschooling, sex, domesticated bliss, and generally about life! This is my New Venture…

Here it goes!!!

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